Jamie Eason LiveFit Trainer Phase Two Review

I started Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer in November of last year. I did a recap of Phase One (here) and wanted to do the same for Phase Two as I know this can help many on the fence about whether or not they want to take the Livefit Trainer plunge.  

The Livefit trainer has been a great starting point to my fitness journey giving me the opportunity to explore weight training and challenge myself in new ways. I’ve learned a ton about myself physically, new exercises, vocab…it’s even inspired me to explore new recipes and to cook healthy clean meals for myself! 

I’m a list-person at heart so I decided to bullet points some pros of phase two, note some of the challenges this phase had to offer me, and improvements I will take going forward into phase three. Please note these are my personal opinions and are based on my experience with Jamie Eason’s amazing 12-week trainer.


For the record:: I highly recommend it!




  • Getting comfortable with being in the “boy’s only” area at the gym, finding my groove
  • Workout plans varied week to week, no one week is the same, kept it fun and interesting
  • Bodybuilding.com has a wide range of videos online that help instruct how to do certain exercises – always look up the exercises your unsure about!
  • New exercises introduced
  • New fitness vocabulary to add to the ol noggin
  • Fun to network further and find others participating in the program
  • Continued to build muscle – great gains in my arms, especially comments from my boyfriend when we are bringing in groceries, “Look at those guns…..” Oh yeeahh, he better look-out I might challenge him to an arm wrestle soon…don’t worry you can place your bets wherever you are in the world, I’m cool with that.
  • Cardio added into the program really amped up the workouts- physically left the gym looking like I worked out hard, (glistening not sweating) The positive endorphins flowing – it felt good to get my body moving after a lot of strictly lifting in Phase One


  • Being patient – results aren’t instant and never will be (The ‘never say never’ does not apply to this statement)
  • Devoting extra time in the day to calorie counting – Get the  MyFitnessPal app:: This helps a lot with counting, there are a ton of food already imputed into the app which makes it easier, you can custom your own recipes on there, food, and meals
  • Trying not to compare myself to other bloggers, and instagramers I follow and admire – Being okay with the stage I’m at. We all are at difference stages in our fitness journey – some have been at it for years, that doesn’t make me or you any less capable but being patient with progress and doing our best is what counts! It takes time to do…everything in life…let yourself get there at whatever speed your going to get there. Always strive for your own goals and aspirations, no one elses cause in the end you are doing this for YOU, no one else.
  • The honeymoon part of the program is over:: The real work starts, stay motivated whether that’s downloading some sweet new gym beats, experimenting with recipes, getting a gym buddy, sharing your successes and workouts with friends, buying yourself some new gym gear WHATEVER it is do IT and keep your eyes on the prize……remember how far you’ve come and remember why you started the program in the first place!
  • Long workouts – averaging at about 60 minutes or more, I did some “extra workout challenges” on the side which added to my length in workouts 
  • Listening to your body – Staying positive:: I’m exhausted one day, take a rest…go easier, the last thing you need is hurting yourself in the process. This is one of the reasons I incorporated the Two rest days in Phase Two. My day-job is really active I’m on my feet all day traveling around the city…I’m no superhero although I’d like to think I am…most days, I needed to do what was good for me. I encourage you to do the same.

Improvements moving forward:

  • More meal prepping for the week – pre-making meat for lunches and portioning them out, same goes for veggies: This will help with calorie counting, and carb cycling which is introduced in Phase Three.
  • Being more diligent with tracking in MyFitnessPal – I probably will eventually discontinue calorie counting once I become more familiar of what my low and high calorie days look like typically. Check this post to find the link to figure out your low/high calorie intake isThese numbers are based on your weight so each person will be different.  
  • Don’t feel the food! It’s not about starving yourself. You will not see results from doing that. Nothing long-term that is and let’s face it, you’ll prob be a grouch to be around. Until I’m aware of what a typical low/high cal days will look like:: the types and amounts of food, I want to try and track daily my intake. I’m thinking of it as….an experiment. This is where the white lab coat comes into play. 
  • Tracking amount of weight I’m lifting during each workout
  • Incorporating tunnel Vision:: (no not while driving) but to love myself, be proud to be where I’m at, try not to compare to anyone else. Focusing on ME, this kind of selfishness is allowed :)
  • Be my own biggest competitor – set personal bests and fitness goals within the program. (new weight lifting amounts)
  • Perfecting form of each exercise – safety! Form is important because without it you could be working a muscle you’re not even intentionally trying to work out. This is KEY people!
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